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Episode 4: Stand Up to Trash

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Vicki Patterson, Founder of Stand Up To Trash. Learn about how to make a positive impact on the health of our oceans, both on and off the beach.

05/03/2022 | 21min

Stand Up to Trash

Episode 4

Episode 3: Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa

Sandy Chiu, the director of sales and marketing at Laguna Cliffs Marriott & Spa, joins us this week. We talk about every aspect of what Laguna Cliffs has to offer, and why this is one of Dana Point’s best accommodations for all ages and events.

04/12/2022 | 24min

Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa

Episode 3

Episode 2: The Whale Watching Capital of the World

In this week’s episode, Donna Kaelez from Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching joins us. Learn how Donna’s father, Don Hansen, left his mark on Dana Point after passing in January of 2022, and why Dana Point is the whale watching capital of the world.

3/22/2022 | 30min

The Whale Watching Capital of the World

Episode 2

Episode 1: Welcome to The Dana Point Wave

Join us for the first ever episode of the Dana Point Wave. In this episode, co-hosts Cali Oram and Rachel O’Neill-Cusey take a deep dive into Visit Dana Point and what all the destination has to offer. From lodging, to restaurants, to whale watching — there’s something for all ages to enjoy in Dana Point.

3/8/2022 | 16min

Welcome to The Dana Point Wave

Episode 1